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ඔන්න අද ඔයාලට දෙනවා පොඩ් සොෆ්ටිවෙයා කැල්ලක්..  මේකෙන් අපේ PDF ෆයිල් Word Document 
එකකට හරවන්න  පුලුවන්..


After installing the software you will get desktop icon. Double click on it to run the software. Then you will get the screen like the image above. Then complete your task as below:

  • Choose the source file (PDF) from the left box.
  • Select the destination folder from the right box.
  • Limit the number of pages from General Options. It could be All Pages or specific range of pages (suppose 1 to 10).
  • Unmark the options (Retains Shapes and Uses Text Box) to avoid unnecessary boxes in the converted document. 
  • You can choose either Times New Roman or Arial as the conversion font. Later you can change it while editing. 
  • As Doc Reader, you can choose either Word Pad or MS Word as your necessity. 
  • When you're ready to go, simply hit on the Convert button and wait for a few moments. 

Look at the screenshot below ( ස්ක්‍රින් ෂොට් එකක් ) :

  • Absolutely Free - No Serial Key Needed !!!
  • Small in Size - Less than 2 MB
  • Fast, Safe and Simple User Interface - No boring options, No Ads

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    1. Free download kiyana eka Click karala.. ita passe ena Window ekem Skip Add kiyana eka Click Karanna.. Then Download Link eka ei !!

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    1. වෙනවා.. උබ Covert කරගන්න දන් නැති උනාට අපි මක් කරන්නද... ( මුලින් කතාකරන්න ඉගෙන ගනින්)

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